Autism and Astrology

Hello, I am Ms Mir, a certified astrologer and tend to once in a while talk about topics that we all deal with. Either on a day to day business or from time to take. I will talk about the significance it has in regards to astrology.

Today I am focusing on the planetary shifts and how it has affected autism, and the views of the general community in regards to autism. Again I will generally tell you what autism is. It’s a neurological condition which affects social and speech development. Autistic individuals also display a lot of repetitive and restricted behavior, along with high anxiety, obsessions and extreme interests. It can get into the way of how the individual learns as well. Autism is a spectrum disorder which can be ranged from extremely mild (where it is not overly noticeable to the general public and the individual can function independently) to severe (where the individual needs life long care). My son and I are both mildly under the spectrum. Those who are mildly affected or who have high functioning autism have average to above average intelligence. Many who have it severe (though not all) also have lower than average intelligence. Autism itself has nothing to do with intelligence.

Anyway I will get into an astrological analysis of autism in general. I strongly believe that the main planets that rule anything with to do with autism are Uranus, Saturn and Neptune (perhaps Mercury and Pluto on a lesser level). But the main planets that I would say rules autism (or neurodiversity) in general would be Uranus and Saturn. Uranus rules anything that has to do with uniqueness, innovation and unusual ways of thinking. I also want to point out that Uranus has no concern over emotion as it remains detached. Saturn’s role in it is due to the fact that it rules restrictions and limitations (way of thinking and doing), and Saturn is also a social planet.

The first real “boom” of autism happened in the early 1990’s where Uranus formed a conjunction to Neptune (from 1990 to 1994) in Capricorn (a sign ruled by Saturn). Neptune removed the boundaries of old ways of thinking and autism at that time was brought into a new light. Children born during this time carry that characteristic (smashing old beliefs and ways of thinking) with them as well, and this is when the explosion of “star children” occured. I believe that many children that have a similar, yet a different energetic quality were around since the 1940’s (when Neptune began to sextile to Pluto). These particular individuals are called Indigos. However children born in the early 90’s do happen to carry an even stronger, yet entirely different characteristic because of being born during the conjunction. Many of them are considered to have autism. However, Uranus and Saturn’s cycle has more of bearing on autism.

I’ll talk a little bit about the history of these cycles and the relation to autism. Saturn was in Aries and squared (an aspect between 2 planets which causes friction and stress) Uranus in Capricorn in 1910, when Swiss psychiatric Eugene Bleuler described autism while defining symptoms of schizophrenia. Of course back then it was all seen as negative. Those who had signs of autism back then were put into institutions.

Then in 1943, child psychologist Leo Kanner and in 1944 Viennese psychiatrist Hans Asperger acknowledged autism and studied it more. This was during the time that both Uranus and Saturn conjoined one another in Gemini, sign that rules communication and mental clarity. However, most of those who were diagnosed with autism were still thrown into institutions because doctors had no idea how to treat them (Dr. Temple Grandin born in 1947 was an exception as she is an autistic woman who specializes in animal science, and has been extremely influencial to the public). Autism was just studied more at the time.

Thoughts about autism by the general public were always negative. Especially back in the mid 60’s and 70’s when Uranus and Saturn opposed (confronted by one another which brings out awareness that can be uncomfortable) and also squared one another during other times through out those decades. The only thing that helped shift the way of thinking and allowed autism to be further acknowledged was when Neptune formed a conjunction to Uranus in 1990. Neptune rules enlightenment, removing boundaries and sympathy. In fact in 1990, Saturn was also in Capricorn and all 3 planets were in that sign. This was responsible to bring out some awareness about autism. And since then, schools started developing new ways of helping individuals that were diagnosed with autism. Systems like ABA therapy was starting to get some recognition and similar types of therapies were further developed. However, this was just the beginning and a lot of work in regards to autism needed to be done, and still does.

But going back a bit, I want to also point out that Uranus and Saturn conjoined one another in Sagittarius in the mid to late-80’s, and in that time it had and opposed Chiron, the wounded healer in Gemini. More and more children were born under the autism spectrum at this time. But it wasn’t until the 90’s that it was acknowledged at all in a positive way.

Now skipping ahead a bit, between 2002 and 2004 Uranus and Saturn trined one another (Saturn was in Gemini and Cancer, and Uranus was in Aquarius and then Pisces). A trine is an aspect between 2 planets which brings out a lot of peaceful and positive energies. This not only brought out more awareness about neurodiversity (autism as well as ADHD, and other neurological disorders), but many support communities for autism were created. These communities were created for parents of children with these neurological differences (especially autism) AND for individuals who have autism themselves. In fact at that time many adults who grew up not completely fitting in, and who had developmental issues as children started finding out that they were under the spectrum. They began to form support groups for one another and this marked the beginning of them trying to smash down the old stereotypes about autism that were created in the past.

However right now, Uranus is in Pisces (which alone creates new spiritual awareness and exposes all matters hidden) and Saturn is in Virgo (a time to become serious about caring for our physical well being), and is in opposition to one another. This is bringing out different challenges. There is plenty of awareness about autism thanks to Neptune conjoining Uranus in Capricorn back in the early 90’s. There are a few things being emphasized today and I believe it’s due to this aspect we are in now. Many adults who are under the autism spectrum are doing what they can to prove to the general community that autism is not what it was once believed to be. We are seeing plenty of examples of successful adults who are under the spectrum such as Dr. Temple Grandin, Stephen Spielberg, and Bill Gates being brought out more and more. We see this in newspaper headlines, in magazines, and all over the net. The reason for that is to provide hope for parents of children that are under the spectrum. Many parents still carry the old beliefs about autism. Ironically, even though I am under the spectrum so did I. They fear that their children will end up not being able to contribute to society in any way or form. And even though there are therapies out there to help these children reach their highest potential, many are inaccessible to families. Either they are too costly or scarce. However, the main mission here is to educate others about how there is a new light being shed on autism. And many adults under the spectrum are trying to smash down old stereotypes about autism and trying to bring out positive traits about it through education. But here is the challenge. Although these past movements have opened many minds up, there are still plenty of those who refuse to be educated and continue to believe the old stereotypes about autism. In fact many genetic specialists are trying to find out ways to eradicate autism completely right now. This causes much stress to those who are under the spectrum and to their advocates who are trying to educate the world about what autism really is. The majority of us know that plenty of autistic individuals have some unique gifts and high potential to make positive changes. But there are still plenty of others who refuse to see autism as being positive. The job is to keep pointing out the positive traits of autism and to work on finding ways to open up more closed minds. In fact all forms of neurological differences need to be accepted and to be seen in a positive light. This includes ADHD and schizophrenia for example. Plenty of people who have these conditions have some exceptional gifts. Instead of only focusing on the negative aspects of these differences, we need to focus on the positives and to find a way to convince the general community that these are not anything to be feared. And again, this is definitely a time to work on smashing down old beliefs and opening up closed minds.

My prediction is, there will always be challenges of some kind in regards to neurodiversity but some powerful stuff is going to be happening in a few years from now. And the one planet which can make a difference to the general public is Pluto. Despite Pluto’s demotion from a few years back, its power is not any weaker. Pluto still rules transformation. And in 2012 Uranus in Aries will be squaring Pluto in Capricorn which will be brutal. Perhaps a huge war could be in the works, and people in general will still be trying to stick to their old beliefs which alone will bring out more friction. But at the same time Saturn in Scorpio (the sign ruled by powerful Pluto and aggressive Mars) will be sextiling Pluto during the later part of the year and well into 2013. A sextile is an aspect between 2 planets which arises opportunity. This is when the Ascension is supposed to happen in 2012, the later part of the year anyway. Pluto squaring Uranus and Saturn sextiling Pluto is going to be powerful for everyone and I think this is the time that the general community will have no other choice but to open their eyes about neurodiversity, putting it lightly. They will initially refuse, but that will end up changing. I also notice that in November 2012 Saturn will be quincunxing Uranus, that in itself is going to compel people to make adjustments within themselves. In fact it could be a real turning point. This will cause them to adjust their way of thinking and believing what autism really is. One part of them will want to continue to believing the old stereotypes about autism. But there will be another part of them that will be open due to all of the education and awareness that has been created for the past 18 years. When planets are quincunxing one another, this means they cannot find a common ground between energies. This is what I see happening to the general public in November of 2012. One part of them will continue to hold onto the old beliefs and another part will be accepting what they have learned. Many individuals will be bouncing back and forth between the two views until early 2013. Eventually the old negative views of autism will be destroyed.

The next trine between Saturn and Uranus will happen between late 2015 to 2017. Saturn will be in Sagittarius then, which is an optimistic and open sign. With Uranus in Aries, it’s definitely a place for a brand new begining. I wonder how the general community will see neurodiversity then. After all of these major shifts in energy, it could be very positive.We have come far as far as educating the general public goes, but we still obviously have a long way to go in order to really make a difference.

Unfortunately I was born during a time when Saturn was squaring Uranus (in the 70’s negative images of autism were emphasized due to this). I grew up not fitting in and not even accepting myself and differences. I focused on what was wrong with me, not the gifts that I have. Even on a subconscious level I still do. But with all of the awareness that is going on now, I am overall seeing it differently. My son however was born during the time Saturn and Uranus trined one another, in water signs. He has a huge advantage of embracing his differences (and he is getting lots of therapy, something that was not around when I was growing up) instead of seeing them in a negative way. And I know children who are under the spectrum that were born during that time will make some huge positive changes in the future. I can’t wait to see what will happen the next time Saturn and Uranus trine one another.

~ by miriamslozberg on January 15, 2009.

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