Tarot Readings

I am a tarot reader, which does not mean I can predict the future. Remember, we all have free will. However, what the tarot helps me do is tap into my intuition to examine your situation. Through that, I can give you the best intuitive advice and probable outcomes based on your current situation. Below are a list of tarot spreads that I use. 

 1 Card Tarot Reading- $7
This is a brief reading that will help give you clarity that you need for one question. 
3 Card Tarot Reading- $20
This one is popular. Three cards are drawn and 1 shows the past, the next shows the present situation, and the last card shows the likely outcome. 
2-Paths Spread- $40
This spread is great if you are facing to make a choice between two options. This 7 card spread gives you the insight you need to make the right choice.
Astrological Spread- $80
This spread is based on the astrological charts used to plot horoscopes. It’s divided into 12 sections called houses, and each house represents an aspect of someone’s life. A popular spread that is done once a year. Many like to have this done after the New Year or on their birthday. 
A Message from the Universe– $60
This spread is perfect for those who don’t have a specific question, but feel like something in their lives that needs attention.